I absolutely LOVE creating rag quilts and crocheting baby items. My grandmother taught me not only how to sew and crochet when I was young, but also the love of sewing and crocheting! I create rag quilts and  burp cloths for your special baby, but will also crochet baby booties and blankets. I am a stay~at~home homeschooling mom of 6 and want my creations to be something you and your baby will love for years to come! Each piece has been created by myself. Rag quilts are only created once~never duplicated~just as each baby is special, so is each quilt! You will have a one~of~a~kind quilt for your baby.

                                         ~*~*~How Stitched In Prayer Began~*~*~

I learned how to create rag quilts in 2008, shortly after we lost our son, Nathan, who was born at 17 weeks. I have created a blanket for each of our children and it bothered me that when Nathan was born, we had no soft blanket to wrap him up in. So in Nathan’s honor, I started sewing rag quilts for babies who are born into their family’s hearts, but never make it to their earthly homes. Each of those quilts had been prayed over, and the name of my shop was born. I have since added crocheted baby items to my shop and crafting these pieces combine a few of my loves~~crocheting, sewing, and BABIES!!

You can check out my shop HERE!

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