Memory Quilts


Last fall my sweet mother~in~law passed away.  When my husband’s sisters were going through mom’s clothes, I asked if I could have them.  I knew I wanted to make memory quilts with her clothes, but I knew I just couldn’t do it yet then.

This summer I got out the tub that contained all of moms clothes.  I sorted through them, remembering the birthday party she wore that sweater to, the wedding she wore this dress to,  or the Christmas outfit she had.  So many memories were stored in that tub.  I knew what I was going ton do with them!

Create Memory Quilts!  I have started making memory quilts for my husband, his sisters, and my father~in~law.  I am so excited about doing this and am hoping to have them all done by Christmas.  These quilts are like getting a big hug from mom! ♥

Memory quilts are a great way to preserve your memories.  Whether it is baby’s clothing from his first year, a T~shirt quilt for your teenager, or a quilt made from a loved one’s old clothing…they are precious quilts meant to be treasured! 

Contact me if you would like me to create one for you!




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